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Private classes can be run at times to suit you.  If you and a friend wish to do a class together, you can pay the group rate.  


In the meantime, come along to a pregnancy relaxation class and get into the relaxation habit.


Here's what one recent mum said after just the first class:

"Thank you so much for last night. It was quite amazing and I found it all very emotional in a truly positive way. I am so pleased that I have found you."


Click here to see a video clip of what previous HypnoBirthing Canterbury mums have said about our classes.



Private classes - call for availability. Group pregnancy relaxation and birth art classes; 2 hours of relaxation and pregnancy chat for just £20.  Call 01227 722713 or email [email protected] for more info. You do not need to have attended HypnoBirthing classes to join the relaxation class.


If you are more than 35 weeks pregnant, call me to discuss your options.

As well as being a qualified HypnoBirthing Practitioner I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, so I can help you whatever your fears or anxieties are around pregnancy, labour and birthing.  I often get women coming to me who are very anxious, sometimes as a result of a previous traumatic birth experience or because of horror stories they have heard.  Please read the snippets below for a small selection of recent feedback.  If you would like the full version of these and other birth stories, please contact me.  I can also send you a DVD of Charlotte telling you her complete birth story first hand.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to HypnoBirthing Canterbury

If you have some pregnant friends and you would like to do the class together, I can run a small group class to fit around your schedule. Great discounts available if you get together with one or two other couples.  Call today 01227 722713 or email [email protected] to register for details.


Private classes available face-to-face and online. Joanne is also offering face-to-face classes in Margate with just 2 couples, following all covid guidelines and social separation.  Classes are run in her garden retreat.

"Hi Jacqueline. A quick note to let you know our baby is here! His birth was exactly as I had hoped. All at home and brilliantly supported by Ray and Gemma. After a couple of hours in the bath his delivery was a speedy and comfortable 20 mins, in our dining room, just as hoped for and planned. The midwives were excellent, and two hours later the three of us were tucked up in bed, clean, happy and relaxed. Felix has been a dream since his birth, feeding easily and sleeping well, which we put down to his easy and relaxed birth at home. The HypnoBirthing was invaluable, in the run up to birth and during labour...and even now! Thanks again for all your help. Ray, Charlotte and Felix (left), Sevenoaks


"I'm so pleased that I chose to take the HypnoBirthing classes with Jacqueline. Her relaxed and flexible attitude put us at ease straight away, as did the calm and peaceful environment. We enjoyed every minute of the course and know that whatever turn our birthing takes, it will be enhanced by our HypnoBirthing experience."  Cherri Norman, Dunkirk, Canterbury.


"The relaxation techniques that we learnt have completely changed how we feel about the pregnancy and the birth and taught us techniques we can use even after our baby arrives. HypnoBirthing has really given Phil a connection to the pregnancy and role for the birth which is invaluable. We also feel closer because we practice the techniques together."  Lucia & Phil, Ashford.


What the mind believes, the body achieves

HypnoBirthing classes covering East Kent, Canterbury, Ashford, Thanet, Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs, Sandwich, Deal, Staple, Ash, Adisham, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Folkestone, Dover & Faversham.

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Why Choose HypnoBirthing Canterbury?

Everything you need to know for a calm, natural, enjoyable birthing for you and your baby.

HypnoBirthing retreats also available.  Stay in a peaceful garden lodge at the tranquil Ayurvedic TOR Spa in Ickham.  Combine your HypnoBirthing classes with a restful holiday, exploring Canterbury and the Kentish Countryside and Coast.  Email or call for details [email protected] 01227 722713 


"Jacqueline is an outstanding practitioner with the ability to completely focus on your specific needs. She more than once went out of her way to provide us with any kind of information/advice/facts asked by us. She never tried to influence but was invaluable in terms of guiding and helping us to make the right decisions for us personally. She was able to transform my initial fear of pain, labour and birth into excitement about the prospect of the birthing of our baby and whatever comes with it. I am spreading the word loudly about HypnoBirthing and especially Jacqueline." Christa Schwarz, Hythe.


"Just thought I'd let you know how Caleb's birth went! It started very gently about 5 or 6 in the morning. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and as I breathed through each surge birthing affirmations came into my mind.


The midwife and student midwife were so gentle, calm and supportive I felt very lucky to have them. The second stage was 28 minutes and the midwives took over talking to me as I felt I needed their support.  They were incredible and kept talking so positively to me.  Breathing the baby down was the most primal experience.  I did not consciously do anything, my body and Caleb did it all! It was intense but when Caleb was actually moving down it wasn't painful.


Caleb was happy throughout, his heart beat didn't rise and the membranes only released at the point of birth.  He didn't cry as soon as he was born, he was alert and fed immediately!


Listening to relaxing music was also really helpful throughout the whole birth.  My breathing came so naturally after practising for so long and the midwife was impressed with it and they were interested in the hypnobirthing preparation that I had done.


I am so happy with how the birth went and know it was due to HypnoBirthing.  Thank you Jacqueline once again for all your help!

See you soon, Annie x

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STOP PRESS! Hypnobirthing Canterbury is expanding and along with that comes a name change. We are now called The Positive Hypnobirthing Company. We have a brand new shiny website too.  So hop on over and take a look.  A complete ante-natal programme for a calm, comfortable, relaxed birthing wherever you decide to birth your baby - at home, A Birthing Centre, Ashford MLU, Margate QEQM Midwife Led Unit, WHH Hospital, in a birthing pool, even a planned C-Section.