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The HypnoBirthing course is usually taught over 4 weeks and totals 12½ hours. If time and/or travel is an issue, it may be possible to run the course over two Saturdays. In the relaxed and supportive class environment you will learn:


Everything you need to know to achieve a safer, easier and more comfortable birth


How pain is not a necessary accompaniment to labour no matter what you have been told


Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome


How your body is naturally designed to conceive, nurture and birth your baby with ease and comfort


How to draw on your body’s own natural anaesthesia


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                                                         Group classes £350 per HypnoBirthing couple

                                                         Part group/Part private classes £450 per HypnoBirthing couple                                                                  

                                                         Exclusively Private classes in Ickham from £550 per HypnoBirthing couple

                                                         Please contact me for group or private class in your own home

                                                                   Course fees include:


                                                                   The HypnoBirthing Canterbury Workbook

                                                                   Attendance for both you and your birthing companion

                                                                   5 MP3s

                                                                   A Birth Preferences Template





A deposit of £100 is required when booking to secure your place.  The balance being due at the start of your first class.


"Jacqueline's knowledge of and passion for the subject plus her approach, made us both feel at ease having her in our home and quickly helped eliminate some of the initial scepticism we both had toward the concept of Hypnobirthing." Kaaryn and Neal, Westgate-on-Sea.


"I'm so pleased that I chose to take HypnoBirthing classes with Jacqueline.  Her relaxed and flexible attitude put us at ease straight away, as did the calm and peaceful environment.  We enjoyed every minute of the course and know that whatever turn our birthing takes, it will be enhanced by our HypnoBirthing experience." Cherrie and Will, Dunkirk.


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If money really is an issue for you please get in contact with me, I would hate money to be the only thing

stopping you from going ahead with classes.  If you request a class discount I ask that you examine your

financial obligations and discretionary spending with an eye to making your HypnoBirthing class a high

priority. If your finances cannot stretch to cover my classes without taking funds from basic necessities

such as food, rent/mortgage and standard bills, then please do ask for a discount.











Class Details

My classes are taught at either Ickham Oast House or occassionally The TOR Spa, depending on numbers.  Both are perfect venues for HypnoBirthing Classes as they are a haven of peace and tranquillity.  At The Tor Spa you will feel that the class has started as soon as you enter the building - you can even book yourself a treatment before the class and feel really pampered and relaxed before we even start!


Group class days and times are flexible and do vary.  I will tell you about current availability when you contact me.  Most classes are run in the evenings as this suits couples where one or both are working.


Private classes can be taught at times to suit you.  If transport is a problem for you, it may be possible for me to come to you.  Please contact me and we can discuss this option.


There is often a waiting list for my Classes, so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. Groups are kept small to ensure that individual needs are met and that you feel comfortable with the techniques and you leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth using HypnoBirthing.  However, if you are advanced in your pregnancy, contact me to discuss your options.  I am always accommodating & there are lots of options in terms of what can be offered.





I offer a £10 no-obligation taster session. Contact me for more details.





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