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With conventional births you can end up taking a back seat, without a well defined role in the delivery room.  Even with a home birth, you can sometimes end up feeling like a bystander.


With HypnoBirthing® you will have a very important role. You will be the main point of contact between the medical staff and your partner when she is deeply relaxed. You will learn the questions to ask the medical staff to find out if your partner needs more time to birth your baby naturally or if it is time to allow medical staff to intervene.


You will be the guardian of the birthing room; you will make sure that the environment remains conducive to a relaxed happy birthing. You will learn the techniques that enable your partner to become deeply relaxed, you will become her coach and will also learn the HypnoBirthing® techniques that will make you an essential part of the birth of your baby.




“HypnoBirthing® is a shared experience for the couple and the baby. Fathers have a huge role to play in the birth experience guiding the mother into deep states of relaxation, and protecting the birthing environment. This is in stark contrast to the usual experience of sitting helpless on the sidelines. As a result, fathers feel closer to the mother and baby, resulting in better bonding.”


Fathers find that being so involved enables them to form a very strong bond with their new born child.  





"Several of my friends have had babies recently, and many of them told me it was a traumatic and stressful experience.


They said they felt powerless to ease the pain their partner was going through, and didn't know what they were supposed to do.


Thanks to the techniques ..., I was able to help Catherine right the way through, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the birth - it was fantastic!"


Mark Jackson



If you're not sure if you can be present at the birth of your child or are not sure if you want to take on the role of birth partner your partner can choose someone else to act as her birth partner, for example her mother, sister or friend. If you are not sure, both you and the alternative birth partner can attend the first class at no extra cost.


Equally, in any other circumstances, such as a single mum, you can choose who you would like to be your birth companion – just so long as they’re with you during all the classes.





“I think the real success story for HypnoBirthing® is its benefit to men. Men have the hardest job really, being supportive to their partners but not really having a defined role.


Men's role as HypnoBirthing® partners is clearly key to the whole success story and being actively involved in the birth of their children allows men to bond easily and immediately with them.”


Jacqui, independent midwife UK


Here's a recent clip from Midwife Magazine:

Remember that when you come to the classes, there will be other fathers and birth companions in your position who you can share the experience with you. So you won’t be alone!    

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