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HypnoBirthing Benefits

Benefits that have been reported by mums include:


Considerably shorter labour and birthing


Significantly fewer surgical births


High number of comfortable, natural births with no technological assistance


A high rate of success in assisting breech-presented babies to turn into appropriate birthing position with the use of posture and hypnosis (in a study done at the University of Vermont of 100 women at 37 to 40 weeks, there was a 81% success rate with hypnosis)


Highly energized mums in good spirits following births that are calm and gentle


You'll learn the techniques once for this birth, but then you can then use them again and again, no matter how many children you have


HypnoBirthing techniques work very effectively with home births, water births, hospital births, birthing centres...whatever. It's your choice what kind of birth to have - HypnoBirthing helps them all.


You can use the techniques to help calm and relax yourself any time you feel stressed out... (we've had many couples tell us this alone has been invaluable!)


What you'll learn through HypnoBirthing is how you can confidently approach a safe, easier and more comfortable natural birth.


We can't promise you a 'perfect' birth - no one can - but we can promise you a much, much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you would have had otherwise.

Does it help the baby too?

Yes. We find that babies born using HypnoBirthing tend to be calmer, feed better, sleep better and experience less trauma, because they are gently and calmly breathed into the world at their own pace.

Scientific research has also shown that the babies usually have higher Agpar scores as well (a measure of how well your baby is doing immediately after the birth, and then five minutes later).

…….and what about dad?

With conventional births dad’s can end up taking a back seat, without a well defined role and can sometimes end up feeling like a bystander.


With HypnoBirthing you will have a very important role. You will be the main point of contact between the medical staff and your partner when she is deeply relaxed. You will learn the questions to ask the medical staff to find out if your partner needs more time to birth your baby naturally or if it is time to allow medical staff to intervene.  See Father’s Page for more details.

If you want to know what Midwives think of HypnoBirthing contact me for a free copy of the recent article in Midwives Magazine.

Returning Childbirth to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.


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