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Please read and enjoy these wonderful stories from Mothers, Fathers, and Midwives that have been involved in HypnoBirths.  Do feel free to send in your own stories and to ask any questions at all of Jacqueline and HypnoBirthing Canterbury.


"I gave birth to my first child at home in November 2010, using HypnoBirthing techniques. It was an amazing experience, and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am so proud of myself and my partner for having delivered our son in such a calm and relaxed way.


I've always been apprehensive about giving birth because I'm extremely uncomfortable around doctors and feel I have a low pain threshold.  I had always thought about birth as an ordeal that I would have to get through – that it would be agonising, dramatic and that I would feel out of control. I was genuinely scared about it.


Initially I was attracted to HypnoBirthing as a bit of a cheat! A non-medical, non-interventionist way to manage the pain of birth. However, during the course of our sessions with Jacqueline at HypnoBirthing Canterbury my whole approach to birthing subtly changed.  I became completely confident in my ability to deliver our son.  Although I had started the pregnancy planning to deliver at our local hospital, by the time I was 7 months pregnant a home birth began to just feel right.  I was lucky enough to have a really supportive midwifery practice, who were completely supportive of us.


HypnoBirthing helped me to stay really calm and relaxed through my pregnancy.  The practise we did at home ensured we allocated time to thinking positively about the birth, and that there was time every day for me to relax and prepare.  It also shifted our expectations. The difference in our approach was really apparent when we went to an NHS birth preparation morning – all the other mothers there were really nervous about labour and birth (some were actually white knuckled and wringing their hands when they talked about it).  We were talking about a home birth, at least 4 weeks sooner than the other couples, and yet were quite calm, relaxed and positive about it.


Unbelievably, I ended up being really excited about giving birth – which I think is extraordinary when I remember how scared I had been before we started the course.  By the time I went into labour I felt confident and in control.  I wasn't scared of the surges, and I felt I was well equipped to deal with whatever happened.  


The birth was just as I'd hoped. I felt utterly 'in the zone' and focused on birthing my baby – I just have an overall sense that it was lovely.  Even our midwife enjoyed it – she said afterwards that it reaffirmed her faith in homebirth and that she felt re-energised in her job!


Before I experienced labour the terms I associated with it were related to pain and discomfort.  I wanted HypnoBirthing to remove that and make birth pain free.  In fact, what I achieved through the course was a shift in expectation about what birth could be like and what my role in the process could be.  In the end I would describe our sons birth as having been extremely intense, quite primal, something I did completely on my own but as part of a team, and the thing I'm most proud of.


Before I did it I wasn't really sure that HypnoBirthing would make birth pain-free.  Actually, though, that misses the point.  It’s not about being pain-free.  It's about acknowledging birth as a natural part of life, and not being scared of it.  And it’s true – birth can be an empowering, positive experience." Charlotte, Sevenoaks, Kent (for a free DVD of Charlotte talking about her HypnoBirthing experience, call Jacqueline on 01227 722713)


"I casually wandered into hospital with my husband, not even sure I was in labour, only to discover that I was already 6cm dilated, and progressing fast! The midwives were astonished at how calm I was, especially for a first time mum!" Katy Johnson


"I'm so pleased that I chose to take HypnoBirthing classes with Jacqueline at HypnoBirthing Canterbury.  Her relaxed and flexible attitude put us at ease straight away, as did the calm and peaceful environment.  We enjoyed every minute of the course and know that whatever turn our birthing takes, it will be enhanced by our HypnoBirthing experience.


Taking the course over a 4 – 5 week period was ideal for us as it gave us plenty of opportunity to practice between sessions and to digest all the theory and information in the course.  There was a lot to take in, especially for my husband who had not pre-read the HypnoBirthing book.  Our confidence and positive outlook grew with each session and we felt stronger because of it.  Had we taken the intensive 2-day course that we were initially considering, I’m sure we would have missed out on the support and accumulative effect that a longer-term course provides.


For me, the best bit about Jacqueline’s course was the amazing positivity that we came away with after each class.  We addressed fears and worries that I hadn’t even realised were an obstacle in my mind, and it left me with a much a greater sense of being in control that has lasted throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.


Jacqueline is able to put you at ease from the very beginning.  Her training style is professional and structured but at the same time, very relaxed and informal enough so that you can ask to re-cover anything that raises questions or needs more explanation.  We found the course sessions flew by because of the variety of exercises and techniques covered.  They were easy to digest and we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in them.  


The relaxation techniques that we have learnt have given me a deep sense of calm and helped me remain stress-free throughout the latter half of my pregnancy, as well as being there to draw upon on the actual day.  We have enjoyed practising them together and noticing the improvement each time we do them.


The class environment was extremely relaxed and informal.  Jacqueline puts 100% into making sure you are comfortable and at ease as well making sure that you are getting the most from the course.  The individual classes were excellent because of the privacy and flexibility they offered but equally the group classes offer a great way to meet other couples to share the HypnoBirthing experience with.


Before I took the HypnoBirthing classes I was feeling out of control and apprehensive about the birth, mainly because of all the negative stories of other people’s birthing experiences that I had been made to listen to over the years and I was very worried about how I would cope with the pain.  However, the course has provided me with such a source of strength and confidence to draw on and I now can’t wait for the exciting day when we finally get to meet our daughter.


I'm now feeling so excited about the birth of my baby as HypnoBirthing has given me the confidence to trust my body and go with my own instincts.  I am looking forward to birthing my baby at home, in our own environment with the aid of a birth pool."

Cherri and Will, Dunkirk, Kent


"I can't imagine how anyone gives birth without it! HypnoBirthing kept me feeling calm and in control throughout labour. The contractions were no problem at all.

I knew what to do and what to think. It gave me a better understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of childbirth. It also gave me greater confidence in myself and in my partner to work as a team, as I knew that we had the tools to ensure a safe and calm birth.

This meant that I avoided the use of pain-killing chemicals. I would advise every mother-to-be and her partner to try HypnoBirthing even if they intend to use drugs." Kerry Woodcock, London


"I've never felt so well prepared for anything in my life! I went into labour, totally fearless. HypnoBirthing was a huge, huge, huge help.  It was amazing and the birth would not have been half as fulfilling without it. I now have a new understanding of what my mind and body is capable of and know that childbirth can be a very, very positive experience.


It was phenomenal. Even the midwife said: "I've never seen anyone deliver like that!" I'm so pleased that I was able to have the birth I wanted, and do it my way. People have commented that they've never seen me looking so well.  I have let go of a lot of anxieties and the baby is so relaxed too because my response is much calmer. I'm so pleased I found you. Thank you!"


"This birth was much easier than the last four - I was quite detached from any pain and I felt much more alert by the time she was born. The slow breathing and the balloon were the things that helped me most. Luis was great - he kept talking and stroking my back throughout.


I feel that I have recovered much more quickly this time - I was not wiped out by the birth like I was with the others, and our baby is feeding well and is very alert. We did not have much time to practice for our Hypnobirth and it still made a big difference..."

Abigail, London


"I hope our story will inspire people to know that labour is such a natural process that it is possible to have a wonderful experience. It was brilliant and without the HypnoBirthing course I would never have considered a home birth.


My baby is so calm and contented and I feel this was because the birth was so relaxed and easy. Also the recovery time after this birth was considerably reduced, within a few days it hardly felt like I'd just been through labour at all.


I had no tears or wounds as my body naturally took over at the pushing stage and stopped several pushes to make it a gentle passage for my baby to enter the world.  It has been the catalyst for a relaxed and loving start to my baby's life, which I can't thank you enough for, as without you and your course we would never have had such a wonderful experience.


Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement that has given us the best experience of our lives." Mandi, London

Mandi had her second baby at home using HypnoBirthing after a difficult first birth in hospital





"I would have to say that HypnoBirthing is the most amazing phenomenon to observe in action. Women seem to sail through the birthing of their babies, working as a team with their birth partner who is the essential anchor for her.


There is nothing for the midwife to do except sit quietly and watch and wait. The entire experience seems to bring the couple closer together as they share in the achievement and benefit from the enhanced trust in one another that they have developed.


I also think from an educational point of view couples seem to really take on board the physiological process and how a positive environment is essential to a normal outcome.


And finally, I think the real success story for HypnoBirthing is its benefit to men. Men have the hardest job really, being supportive to their partners but not really having a defined role.Men's role as HypnoBirthing partners is clearly key to the whole success story and being actively involved in the birth of their children allows men to bond easily and immediately with them."


Jacqui, independent midwife UK


As a midwife, I feel it is unethical for me not to inform my clients of the benefits of HypnoBirthing®.

I strongly support HypnoBirthing®, having attended a workshop and supported several women who have used HypnoBirthing®. It is not only invaluable in increasing the likelihood of having a natural birth, but also supporting women through antenatal discomfort and when births do not go according to plan.  HypnoBirthing® is also beneficial for fathers, as it provides them with a practical role during the labour and birth and enables them to remain calm, informed and in tune with the birth process.


Natalie, independent midwife

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